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Wayang Golek the Puppet Show from West Java

4 March 2011

Wayang or Wayang Golek is actually a kind of traditional puppet theater arts play a certain passage which usually depict human life, and contain a moral lesson that aims to provide good examples. Wayang according to the book “Pengenalan Wayang Golek Purwa” R Gunawan Djajakusumah essay is genuine culture of Indonesia (mainly Java). Many argue that the puppet came from India, most likely because the story is played from the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories (from the Hindu scriptures).

Wayang golek puppets
Image via Wikipedia
Wayang Golek from West Java region, is the art of the puppet theater (Wayang) that is played by using traditional puppets (Wayang) that made of wood. Each puppet has its unique form and character that is adjusted with the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, and in the West Javanese wayang story of two countries: the known terms Amarta (Amartapura) and Astina (Astinapura). Wayang it was as though some of the country is divided into two Astina (Astinapura). and others partly in the state Amarta (Amartapura); famous figures, among others: Arjuna, Gatotkaca, Bima, Arimbi, Kresna, Abimanyu, etc.., sometimes several figures have more than one name.

Java Wayang Golek Puppets (3)
Image by mharrsch via Flickr
In a show usually consists of the Wayang Golek (player character), Dalang (who played the Puppet), Sinden or singer, and Nayaga of gamelan music group that plays for the accompanist or backsound. Wayang show ussualy performed during approximately share a single night or for 5-6 hours. Show held at the wedding feast or a big day like independence day, or could be held exclusively for tourism purposes, etc.. Stories that exist in the Wayang Golek puppet shows are usually about the war, humor, stories that contain examples of kindness, etc..

The making of wayang golek puppets
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Wayang Golek favored spectators in West Java – Indonesia now trend to humor. This eventually became a renowned Dalang among several other prominent is Asep Sunandar Sunarya; because he was create a puppet show with new creations that can move his mouth while talking; and the one is Cepot. Wayang Golek quite famous as one of Indonesia’s traditional products, so the Wayang Golek sometimes used as a souvenir for by the overseas or souvenirs for visitors from abroad.

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kang abdi hoyong ngagaduhan wayang golek, tiasa meser, pami tiasa kedah kumaha?

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