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Mission "Spacewalk" Both Finally Completed

4 March 2011

KOMPAS.com - Two space shuttle Discovery astronauts are now in the International Space Station (ISS) was successfully run both spacewalk mission. Steven Bowen, and Alvin Drew managed to complete the entire job in about 6 hours.
In this mission, they succeeded in removing ammonia from a failed pump module and NASA planned to be sent back to Earth in June. In addition, the astronauts also managed to move a pallet of Europe's Columbus module.
Spacewalk second and final astronaut was postponed due to leakage clothing space Bowen who successfully repaired. During the mission, the lights on the space suit's helmet Drew also had off, so he was forced back into the ISS cabin first.
Astronauts now been successfully running the original purpose of his mission. They have added storage platform for spare parts after arriving last Saturday. On Tuesday, they have managed to install a combination of storage space and a mini laboratory.
ISS is a project of 16 nations which cost 100 billion U.S. dollars. ISS since 12 years ago was built at an altitude of 352 km above the Earth. A total of six astronauts involved in the joint plane Discovery ISS mission this time.
The mission this time is the last mission of the Discovery flight. After this mission, Discovery will retire and dimuseumkan. later, Discovery is placed in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC
Space shuttle Discovery was launched on Thursday (2/24/2011) ago and was originally designed to undergo 11-day mission outside angkasda. However, the mission is extended a day so that the new Discovery will land at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday (02/08/2011) future.

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