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Lovebird (Agapornis)

4 March 2011

Recently in Indonesia are crowded with race chirp of Lovebird (Agapornis), so the price of those bird species is increasingly expensive. Lovebird (Agapornis) is a type of small parrot that originated from Africa, and is usually maintained for its beautiful body color. Lovebird name comes from the behavior of these birds are used to, love each other and making out together, thus giving the impression of being in love. The most famous lovebird is originating from Madagascar, and called Agapornis Cana, with characteristics common trait; hair green body, neck and chest colored gray and gray-colored beak young.

Lovebird kept in a cage that is generally made of plastic or bamboo, this is to avoid damage due to pecking bird cage or remove the head of the stable crack. In the cage also had made a rod for perch; because lovebird love it, especially when paired. Places where food and drinking water should also be provided, for drinking water should be made a kind of automatic dispensers so that spared from the drought. We also strived for the best possible drinking water be made to avoid drinking water contamination by feces. Bird droppings should always be cleaned to prevent disease and odor.
A feral Peach-faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseic...
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At the event of Lovebird contested the chirping birds in cages there will be hung on bamboo rods, and then some jury will judge the sound of birds chirping. Birds that received the flag most of the jury will be the winner. If a lovebird has been a champion in a race the right price increases. A Lovebird ever winner worth approximately Rp. 20 Million or equivalent with USD 2000. Lovebird in this video have been a champion race in the town districts in West Java, and costs about Rp. 25 Million. Lovebird chirp competition usually held in big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, etc., because of the bird enthusiasts are usually formed society in big cities.

In the town of Gresik, East Java have been successfully carried out Lovebird breeding, and of course this led to the perpetrator captivity orders flooded and also flooded a lot of money. Price pair Loverbird breeding results are generally sold above Rp. 1 million or USD 100. Captive breeding is usually done by bringing together male and female in a cage big enough and provided a place to lay eggs. For information only that the lovebird fellow male or female can also become familiar and like a pair of lovers, but will not produce eggs that can be a child. Import of Lovebird on today may already be difficult and expensive to sell Lovebird with a price of captive breeding is quite tempting for bird lovers. Hopefully the Lovebird being loved by many people....
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