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Tyas Mirasih dengan Gaun Biru Cantik

18 March 2012

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Just like most women who want a perfect, beautiful celebrities Tyas Mirasih Endah also have the same opinion, but Tyas Mirasih pleaded not too bothered responding to such weight.
"Sometimes I'm not confident the same weight. If I see the first television movie, crazy, I really fat huh? My chubby cheeks. My hands were too big, rather embarrassed. Fair is now down 3 kg. It used to have really fat until 60 kg. but I've not bothered to take care of the body, to the gym also do not have time, "says Tyas Mirasih.
Tyas Mirasih encountered at the Shisha Cafe, Kemang, South Jakarta, when mentioned about girlbeing alone without a lover, has her own opinions.
"If my boyriend liked the set, do not feel a lot better going out with me. I'm shooting FTV activities, I'm more comfortable as well. If the television movie, I can be lot of new things, not monotonous, so while learning from the many characters," cover girl who once dated Raffi Ahmad with this.
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