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Stress and Coronary Heart Disease risk

13 September 2010

Stress and Coronary Heart Disease risk

Stress is seen as a significant factor as dominant risk factors Coronary heart disease. Stress itself is a positive and there were also negative. Stress the positive impact good, feeling like you want to advance common goals is one of the positive stress.
Stress such as negative resent a very excessive, if not managed properly will cause a very harmful impact and unfortunately very few people realize that he has been exposed to negative stress.
When the stress level is very high and it will weigh very dangerous to health, especially if the age is over 40 years, the age of all risk factors are increased.
According to health experts stress clinic can trigger bursts of adrenalin and catekolamin the substance that can cause high blood vessel constriction and increased heart throbbing heart, which can cause disrupted blood supply to his heart.
People often experience negative stress is very closely related to the personality type. People with type A personality type have a tendency easily affected by heart disease.
Described type A personality that has a prominent feature that is very important as the time limit and schedule an appointment time. Also very strong have a desire to always win in every competition or competition, is very aggressive, hostile irritability also. Nature of the two last ones that trigger the occurrence of multiple coronary heart disease. (http://www.isfinational.or.id)
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