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Fair Bedroom Prevent Flu

13 September 2010

Posted on February 1st, 2009 in 1st English Article by Admin Blog
flu.jpgSeason has arrived. The temperature to be cold. Influenza threatens everyone. For those who fell ill flu virus, it is very easy to overcome. In fact, it may not need medication.
Based on the study Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, sleeping enough can speed up healing. Not only that. Level of resilience against the body of influenza virus increase. “The longer you sleep, the better. Influenza risk suffering decline,” said Sheldon Cohen, the head of the research team from Carnegie Mellon University.
Dr. Michael Irwin of the University of California, which is examining the body’s immune add, is the first study to directly examine the relationship between sleep with less risk of disease. “It becomes important message about the need to sleep enough,” he said.
In the research, involved 78 men and 75 women aged between 21-55 years old. Early activity, sleeping habits of the respondents noted during the two weekends. Every night, the researchers interviewed via telephone about their sleep the night before. Among other things, the time of going to bed, what do they do when awake, how much time to spend awake during the night, and I felt if enough rest.
Then, they stay at the hotel. The researchers mengembuskan virus respondents to the nose. After five days, the virus infecting 135 of 153 volunteers. However, only 54 people get sick.
On the night of sleep less than seven hours more vulnerable to flu. Peluang flu affected group was three times greater than those who slept eight hours or more.
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