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Insomnia Disorders, Can be cured?

13 September 2010

Insomnia Disorders, Can be cured?

Symptoms of sleep disturbances (Insomnia) - said while the disease is not a, but only a buoy problematic that people have psychological or physical illness. Said in a journal Psychology Today, June 1986. Thus, sleep disruption is not only a better indicator on the surface that has concerned a number of diseases that need to be signed.
Of the factors cause sleep disturbances and many experts say is generally caused by many things. In view of Dr. Nino Murcia, has been a dozen years leading the Insomnia Clinic at Stanford said that the U.S. “has never been found that sleep disruption is caused by one factor only, but many factors.” In the findings of the experts have at least four factors that cause insomnia predisposition psychological and biological, the use of drugs and alcohol, which disrupt the environment, and bad habits.
Psychological and biological factors. Both factors are sometimes integrates into psychosomatism form, ie, psychological problems affect the biological and otherwise. (= psicho psychosis; = wall soma, body). For example, for someone who easily heart palpitate faster and her body temperature is more warm than usual then tend to sleep difficult. If you fall asleep then wake up to sensitive (light sleeper). In addition, a number of diseases is also a physical aspect fuse interruption insomnia, such as asthma, rheumatism, ulcer, kidney, and thyroid.
In particular, psychological factors also held the role of the main trend of this insomnia. This is caused by tension on the mind of someone, which then affect the central nervous system (Ssp) so that the physical conditions remain idle. For example when someone has a problem is being complicated in the office environment, so if its low psychological threshold will cause physical compromise to be difficult to sleep. Here the fear factor, tension, uncertainty and disruption of life caused insomnia.
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