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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in 2011

29 April 2011

Newlyweds to strengthen the bond of love embark upon a honeymoon vacation, and honeymoon is a cherished moment in the life of couples. As a newlywed couple, if you are planning for a honeymoon vacation, the quintessential features that influence your honeymoon vacation are the best honeymoon destinations as well as the budget that you plan to allocate to make your honeymoon vacation a wonderful affair. It is also important for the couples to talk their heart out before deciding upon the ultimate honeymoon destination that receives the nod of approval from the couples.

There are stunning locations and exotic places around the globe that provide memorable honeymoon vacations, and to aid you choose the ideal honeymoon destination, here is a list of top 10 honeymoon destinations in 2011, which makes your task easier as while you narrow down your options while selecting the ideal honeymoon destination.

10. Hawaii

Honeymoon in Hawaii
Hawaii, as the much sought honeymoon destination in 2011, possesses friendly natives, exotic coastline and top notch resorts that make your honeymoon vacation a wonderful experience. As an idyllic honeymoon destination, Hawaii with the rich traditions, culture, dances, beaches, the swinging palm trees and surfing on the waves enriches your honeymoon vacation, as it unveils potential honeymoon fun of all types. The warm climate, the splendorous beaches, the lip-smacking cuisine and the incredible volcanoes makes Hawaii a revered honeymoon destination in 2011.

9. Mexico

Honeymoon in Mexico
Mexico as a top honeymoon destination in 2011 has many places that offer rich honeymoon vacationing, and Cancun in Mexico is particularly a sought honeymoon destination. Cancun with the warm weather and beautiful beaches prop up honeymoon vacations of the couples, as the newlywed couples on their honeymoon vacations can also opt to visit more towns in Mexico to enjoy the colorful locals and the traditional cuisine. Your honeymoon vacations in Mexico gets further enlightened by the varied cultural and recreational diversions. Mexico caters to the varied taste of the honeymoon couples, as you can opt for beach honeymoon setting, explore the colonial heritage during the honeymoon vacation or can even soak up the buzz and bustle of the city life while you enjoy your honeymoon vacation in Mexico.

8. St. Lucia

Honeymoon in St. Lucia
An eclectic blend of Britain and France, St. Lucia, is a top honeymoon destination in 2011, and if you are a nature loving couple you fall head over heels in love with this place blessed with natural delights. This tiny, lush tropical gem is an unexplored paradise, as the range of activities available at St. Lucia offers an unforgettable honeymoon experience, as the couples during their honeymoon vacations can let their adventurous instincts explore exciting scuba diving and snorkeling sessions. Couples during honeymoon vacations can also explore the rainforest preserves pertaining to the mountainous interiors of St. Lucia, as they can indulge in some bird watching and hiking, and other leisure pursuits like sailing, golf and tennis are also available at St. Lucia to make your honeymoon vacation a reminiscing experience.

7. Bahamas

Honeymoon in Bahamas
Bahamas that comprises of 700 hundred islands is a top honeymoon destination in 2011, and it caters to the varied expectations and budget of the newlywed couples. The sun and the surf at Bahamas provide the idyllic backdrop to the memorable days that gets spent during your honeymoon vacation. The Bahamian Goombay, Calypso music, rocking nightlife, historical settings and the coral reefs make Bahamas a perfect destination to enjoy your honeymoon vacation. If you plan for a romantic getaway, Bahamas happens to be the idyllic destination for your fantasy honeymoon.

6. Dominican Republic

Honeymoon in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic offers real island adventure during your honeymoon vacation, and the Saona Island makes your dream come true as when you plan to enjoy reminiscing honeymoon vacations. The natural beauty of the island that come in the form of clear blue lagoons, the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and the wildlife enhances your honeymoon vacation, and the shopping expedition to places like the Palma Real Shopping Center becomes an unforgettable experience. The island which is a top honeymoon destination in 2011 also hosts many resorts that come with spa, which provide spa treatments to couples, as you also get assured of complete relaxation during your honeymoon vacations at Dominican Republic.

5. Tahiti

Honeymoon in Tahiti
Often referred to as the ‘ultimate paradise’, this natural beauty is a top contender in the honeymoon destinations in 2011, as couples are assured of spectacular time during their honeymoon vacations. The unexplored and the sun-kissed beaches, thatch-roofed highways, peaceful villages set up a relaxed honeymoon vacation. At Tahiti couples can opt to relax at the spas, go boating or snorkeling, as your honeymoon vacation gets converted into a pleasurable experience by the warmth of Tahitian hosts. The French cuisine that can be tasted here needs special mention as the delicacies melt in your mouth, and you cannot ask for more as when you enjoy your honeymoon vacation at Tahiti.

4. Fiji

Honeymoon in Fiji
Fiji with the picturesque coastline is an exotic honeymoon destination, as this top honeymoon destination in 2011 unveils palm trees, beautiful beaches, mountains as well as resorts that work together to brighten you up during your honeymoon vacation. You can come across dolphins taking a leap in the air, orange doves flying away into the horizons, as you can also come by the six-meter wave that gets spotted offshore at Tavura, as Fiji with plethora of possibilities is a picture-perfect honeymoon destination.

3. Venice

Honeymoon in Venice
Hailed as one of the romantic hot spots, Venice, which is a top honeymoon destination in 2011 offers various delights that can be enjoyed by the honeymooning couples. On your honeymoon vacation, you can skim the Venetian canals, take to a gondola for relaxation, admire the wonderful architecture as well as taste sumptuous cuisine by candle light at Venice. Venice in being a romantic destination is sure to ignite the passion among the couples, and it captures the heart of the honeymoon couples with its intrinsic beauty as well as with the various opportunities that it provides during honeymoon vacations.

2. Paris

Honeymoon in Paris
Paris is also known as the City of Love, which illustrates the bond that this exotic region shares with the honeymoon couples. This top honeymoon destination in 2011 provides plenty of avenues for the honeymoon couples to explore, as you can enjoy the most enchanting of river cruises at Paris, spend romantic evenings by taking a trip to the Eiffel Tower, explore the small village of Ille Saint Louis, which is a section of Paris, and also have romantic pictures shot at the Trocadero esplanade, apart from other enticing activities that excite the newlywed couples. There are many fabulous hotels at Paris that aid you to celebrate your honeymoon vacation.

1. Antigua

Honeymoon in Antigua
Antigua is a wonderful destination to embark upon a honeymoon vacation, and this top honeymoon destination in 2011 has many exotic pink and white sand beaches that prove to be idyllic companions for the newlywed couples on their honeymoon. You can also look forward to experience exciting water sporting activities during your honeymoon vacation as you can venture into scuba diving, fishing, wind surfing and snorkeling, with the other recreational avenues coming in the form of golf courses, lively harbor towns that can be explored, and rich heritage sites. The crisscrossed streets, the alleyways, the warmth of the locals, the ambience as well as exciting shopping experiences at Antigua enrich the honeymoon vacations of the newlyweds.
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